01. Construction of 132kV DC EHV Line ACSS Conductor from Gameshchandgarh Wind From to MPPTCL 220 KV Shajapur M/S Gamesa Windpower Turbine Pvt.Ltd. Line Order Dated 13.06.2014 30 KM UNDER EXECUTION
02. Contract for Procurement of Line material and erection of 132KV DCDS Transmission Line with Substation. M/S Waaree Energies Limited ichhawar. Order Dated 17.09.2014 8.5 KM UNDER EXECUTION
03. Contract for procurement of Line material and erection of 220KV DCSS Transmission Line. M/S INOX Infrastructure Service Pvt. Ltd. Order Dated 06.11.2014 15 KM UNDER EXECUTION
04. Contract for procurement of Line material and erection of 132 KV DCSS Transmission Line with Submission Sitemau to pooling Station Laduna. M/S Kshema Power and Infrastructure Co.Pvt. Ltd. Order Dated 6660 KM UNDER EXECUTION
05. Contract for procurement of towers with accessories and complete erection of Astha (400kV) Indore-II (Jaitpura) 220kV DCDS Transmission line on ACSR ZEBRA Conductor Executive Director (Trans.) M.P.P.T.C.L. JABALPUR 04-01/12-06520-8-Z-813/ TR-I Dated 26.05.11 100 KM UNDER EXECUTION
06. Supply and Erection of Transmission of One D/c Line of 220KV Achaliya-Jambuva Transmission Line at Vyankatpura S/s. Chief Engineer (Projects)Gujrat Energy TransmissionCorporation Limited(GETCO) SupplyOrder No.CE(Pro) III/220kV/LILOV yankatpura/S&E/ 2178/T-3/7253 Dated 21.09.12 Erection Order No. 7255/21.09.12 (Erection) 34.193 KM UNDER EXECUTION
07. Supply and Erection Work of 220KV LILO S/C of Asoj-Wanakbori Transmission Line at Vyankatpura S/S. M/S DJ Energy Pvt Ltd. Mumbai 1/-CE(Pro) III/220KV/LILO Vyankatpura/A-W/S&E/2177/T-3/7170 Dated 20.09.12 2/7205/20.09.12 13.812 KM UNDER EXECUTION
08. Work Order for Supply and Erection and Commissioning of 220KV  DCDS ACSR Zebra Conductor Transmission Line for Wind Power Project in Ratlam and Mandsaur. Executive Director (Trans.) M.P.P.T.C.L. JABALPUR DJ/MUM/WO/2013-14/01 Dated 19/09/2013 21 KM UNDER EXECUTION
09. Contract for procurement of towers with accessories and complete erection of Mandsaur-Neemuch 132KV DCDS Transmission Line. Chief Engineer (Project) Gujrat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited 04-01/12-06517-2-Z-810/TR-I Dated 13.05.11 65 KM UNDER EXECUTION
10. Contract for procurement of Towers with accessories and complete erection of Chhatarpur-Nowgong 132kV DCSS transmission line. Executive Director (Trans.) M.P.P.T.C.L. JABALPUR 04-01/12-06517-2-Z-810/TR-I Dated 13.05.11 35 KM UNDER EXECUTION
11. Order for Erection of 132KV transmission line 2. Order for Supplyof line material. KJS Cement Ltd., Satna KJSCL/KC/2010-11 Dated 07.1.11 6 KM AUG 2011
12. Contract for Procurement of Towers with Accessories and Complete Erection of Sagar-banda 132KV DCSS Transmission LIne. Executive Director (Trans.) M.P.P.T.C.L., Jabalpur 04-01/12-06519-4-Z-812/TR-I Dated 13.05.11 30 KM FEB 2011
13. Order for Supply and Erection of 132Kv DCSS Transmission Line from Hakimchand Sub Station at Village Mehatwara. M/s SEL Manufacturing Co. Ltd. SEL/MEHATWARA/10-11 Dated 05.10.10 27KM EXECUTED
14. Contracts for Procurement of Towers with Accessories and Complete Erection of Handia-Sultanpur 132KV DCSS Transmission Line. Executive Director (Trans.) M.P.P.T.C.L.  Jabalpur 01-01/12-06518-3-Z-811/ TR-I Dated 13.05.11 32 KM UNDER EXECUTION
15. 220KV Double Circuit Line from Mahan Aluminium CPP to 200KV Sidhi Including Construction of 2 Bays at Sidhi. M/s. Hindalco Industries Ltd. (Mahan Aluminium) Baragawan, Distt. Singrauli 9211 & 9212 Dated 06.11.2009 80KM EXECUTED
16. Order for Supply and Erection of 132KV Sironj Maksudangarh DCSS Transmission Line. C.E. (EHT:C&M) M.P.P.T.C. Ltd. Jabalpur 04-01/ADB-II (2323)/ MPPTCL/TR-128/LOT-VI/03970-8/01.04.08 57 KM EXECUTED
17. Order for Supply of Towers, Electrical Hardware for 132KV DCDS Line between BLA Power Niwari 132KV Switchyard Gantry to MPPTCL, Gadarwara 132KV S/S Switchyard. M/s BLA POWER PVT LTD. GADARWARA BLA/Power/Gadarwara/ 45MW/Kkailash/132/KV-DCDS-Line/1028A 7.5 KM UNDER EXECUTION
18. 132KV DCSS Line for Power Supply to PHED Water Supply Project at Khatpura and 132KV DCSS Line for M/s Abhishek Industries, Budhni. C.E. (EHT:C&M) M.P.P.T.C. Ltd. Jabalpur 04-06/C/T-TK-672429 Dated 03.05.08 55 KM EXECUTED
19. 132KV DCSS Rewa(220KV Jaypee Cement Sidhi Plant) M/s JAYPEE Cement Sidhi Plant Jaypee Vihar, P.O. Bharatpur, Distt. Sidhi Dated 21.02.08 22 KM EXECUTED
20. 132 KV Line (3.5 KM) for power supply to M/s Nahar Poly Films Ltd. Mandideep M/s NAHAR POLY FILMS LTD. MANDIDEEP NPFL/10/2009 Dated 06.10.2009 3.5 KM EXECUTED
21. Order for Supply and Erection of material for 132KV line Diversion at Diamond Cements(Prop Heildelberg Cement India Ltd. Emlai DIAMOND CEMENT (Prop.HEIDELBERG CEMENT INDIA LIMITED) DAMOH. EG/10/SER/0012, Dated. 12.07.10 2.05 KM TO BE START SHORTY