A successful organization like ours need to have infrastructure facilities in order to meet ever growing demands and expectations of power sectors, which is expected to grow multi-fold during the next 5 year plan. Our infrastructure facilities are as under:

Organizing of construction activities of power projects, especially EHV substations and EHV transmission lines within committed schedules.

To workout most reliable design of various equipment and materials with their technical parameters suitable for the projects. Finalization of technical particulars, critical vendor analysis, finalization of bid docu­ments, procurement of best quality equipment & materials from reliable sources. Design of EHV substations & EHV transmission lines with substation layout, design of structures, earth-mat & earthing system, cabling systems, fire fighting & protection system and transmission line profiling, etc.

Civil engineering design, which includes all civil works relating to control room and super structures for EHV substations and also design of foundations for transmis­sion line towers.

All other interrelated activities such as co-ordination with other departments, obtaining of clearances and right of way, etc. Careful study of each and every activity for turnkey projects by application of PERT/CPM to workout realistic and short timeline for completion of projects.