Kailash Devbuild India Pvt. Ltd. (KDBIL) makes its niche from Kailash Constructions. Today, I am honoured to unveil KDBIL; a company established in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh for more than two decades ago has earned a prominent name today. Considering the huge expansion of transmission system in India we considered fo form a new limited company with additional technical and financial inputs so as to contribute in the growth & development of our country.
KDBIL offers all solutions under one roof for design, development, construction and commissioning of transmission lines and EHV sub­stations including all civil works up to 400KV voltage system on total turn­key concept. Today we are known for our updated infrastructural facili­ties and experience of two decades. Our workforce is our greatest forte and our financial support not only keeps the morale of the firm going strong but also ensure that the expectation of our clients from the com­pany are fulfilled.

Managing Director


In order to bridge the gap between demands and supply, the Government is working very hard towards addition of Generation Capacity. Outcome of efforts during 11th Plan has been encouraging and the Government has embarked upon a massive programme during 12th Five Year Plan. In the transmission sector substantial progress both in terms of volume of works as well as adoption of new technologies has been done with the result that the Indian interconnected transmission system is fully capable to handle the growing power generation and is regarded as one of the largest interconnected modern transmission network in the World.
However there is still substantial scope for expansion particularly because the country now aims at operation of transmission systems in the entire country in a single inter-connected mode. This calls for careful completion of interconnected transmission works within time bound schedule in proper co-ordination with the targets of commissioning of generating projects and dedicated transmission network.
KDBIL today stands tall with its inherited traditions and is strengthened with modern tools and expertise. The Company is very sensitive in maintaining project schedules and for this purpose with the support of available modern tools critical plans are prepared and progress is monitored continuously with the aim that in its endeavour to meet the project schedule the company is never required to compromise on technical specifications, quality of work and overall project cost. Our motto is-to provide total EPC solution strictly within project cost and planned completion schedules without any compromise on technical specifications and quality of work. It is with this aim that the Company is capable of providing all services and technical solutions under one roof.