Kailash Transformers (P) Ltd.

Kailash Transformers is the member of the Kailash Group of companies. We are manufacturing mainly of 33/11 kV Power Transformers and 11/.4KV Distribution Transformers. We have state of art facility that assists in maintaining quality and quantity of Transformers.

Kailash Entertainments

It is one of the ventures of Kailash Group commenced their Business & Industrial activities way back in 1985. Sensing new opportunities in Films and TV Media, the Group has decided to venture into Films and TV Serials Production.

Kailash Constructions

Kailash Group has redefined the concept of standard, tranquil and stylish living. We offer you the ideal infrastructure for relishing a quality life along with a unique prospective to stay in a holistic environment. Get the opportunity to live your life better than your imagination. Our locality takes you away from the congestion of urban life amidst serene atmosphere.

Our constructions are designed to be self-sufficient, which offers amenities that exhibit contemporary lifestyle. We are dedicated to deliver sustainable and beneficial products and services. It helps to escape from a world of pandemonium into a structured, versatile and well-managed standard of living. Judiciously planned designs are blended with thoughtful aesthetics to elevate your standard of life that spells exclusivity.